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Love for Ukraine

I wake up to the news most mornings and end up crying. I heard the catch in the voice of Robin Meade as she was reporting on the crisis, and becoming so overwhelmed that she was unable to continue for a short time.

I read a NYT article about American Veterans (Hero's!) gathering supplies and getting on planes heading INTO the crisis to volunteer with the troops on the ground.

I watch and read and hear about this crisis from the comfort of my home. With my loving friends and family safely within reach.

I feel helpless.

I know donations are pouring in, and people are starting all kinds of funds to send money. But which ones are legit? Which ones send the majority of the money or supplies where it is needed instead of into the pockets of administrators or marketing campaigns?

After doing some digging I personally have settled on a charity that aligns with the area I want to support the most: the Ukrainian people. The charity is Mercy Corps.

According to, Mercy Corps is a lean organization with the majority of funds raised going directly into programs it supports.

Click the image above if you'd like to support this charity as well. Also, as of today and through the month of March, 100% of all proceeds from sales on will be sent to Mercy Corps.

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