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Welcome to a journey rooted in a lifelong love for nature and holistic well-being. From my earliest days, I found solace and inspiration in the natural world, creating imaginary potions from plants and curating my own "medicine" on rustic, branched shelves. It was as if I had inherited the wisdom of a past life as a medicine woman, as it all felt instinctively right.

My upbringing was a gift, as my mother and grandmother placed a strong emphasis on holistic health. I would lose myself for hours immersed in their homeopathic manuals and encyclopedias, absorbing the knowledge and wisdom they held.

As I transitioned into adulthood, my passion for natural health only deepened. My personal library now boasts an array of natural health encyclopedias, and I continue to pursue lifelong learning resources to expand my knowledge.

Over time, I've dedicated myself to crafting home remedies and natural products, not just for my own well-being, but to share with my friends and neighbors. I often dreamt of retiring as the proprietor of my own apothecary, but why wait? Instead, I've chosen to take that first step now.

Our inaugural product, "Forest Dreams," is a custom-blend pillow spray that I initially created to bring comfort and tranquility to my friends and colleagues during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It not only worked wonders but also sparked a flood of inquiries, each person eager to experience its soothing benefits for themselves. This heartwarming response was the catalyst that inspired me to open this shop.

As I continue to refine my craft, I'm preparing to introduce more products to our range. Each item is lovingly hand-crafted, completely vegan, and has never been tested on animals. I hope that using my products brings you the same sense of joy and relaxation that I find in creating them. Join me on this journey to rediscover the profound connection between nature and holistic well-being.

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